1. How to turn on my Neon Culture shoes?
There is push button on the shoe, on the inside, under the lining of the shoe. You can feel  the push button when you press on it. You can click on the push button to turn it on, and change colors.

2. How to switch light colors?
You press the push button, and the colors will change.

3. How to stop the light?
Keep clicking until the colors change to all modes and the last one will be the turn off one.

4. How to recharge them?
A USB cable is provided to charge the shoe. Plug it to the computer to recharge.

5. How long do the shoes need to be recharged? 
Two full hours are necessary to recharge.

6. How long do the lights of the shoes can remain on?
The normal time when the battery is fully charged is 6 hours in all colors.

7. Can I wear my shoes under the rain?
It is not recommended to wear the shoes in wet environments, It might damage the electronic.

8. Can I use the shoe in extreme conditions and sports?
It is not recommended as you might damage the lights with extreme pressure on the sole. The leds are sensitive the high vibrations and shocks.

9. Do you offer bulk order & wholesale discounts?
Yes, if you are interested in carrying our shoes at your store or are buying more then 5 pairs, please contact us for a discount.

10. Anymore questions?
Please contact us.